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with the powerpoint to did not the powerpoint. be really wonky, kind of the guy in the numbers in the weeds. and instead, ryan tried so hard that at times it was awkward to be the guy who has the friend and that the person that knows the person, when in the clip is that it's not getting social security. he talked about his friend in janesville. biden seemed ready to go after him on the numbers. so is a role reversal. biden spent a lot of numbers and statistics and ryan spent a lot of time talking about people. >> biden spoken the camera into the american people and seemed most comfortable doing that. i thought ryan seemed a little stiff in the beginning and loosened up as the debate went on. you could tell a little bit him is his first national debate. >> we have heard a lot about ryan's wackiness and how much he knows. but as you think he knew a lot on this or that he was reaching deep to find things? i couldn't quite get a handle on it. >> we talked about the foreign policy. there was a lot of times three was rattling off information about syria, libya, afghanistan, iran, where he claimed
also, one other thing that came in handy was mr. powerpoint. he gave the powerpoint presentations while i think he still needs to put some more meat on the bones, he at least gave the american public the view that he had detailed plans on everything that the president will now challenge him on in the next debate. >> yeah. he was impressive, you've got to admit. >> yeah. >> what he did last night to the president of the united states is similar in my opinion to what he did to newt gingrich, to rick santorum, to rick perry, during some of those republican presidential debates earlier. he was on the offensive and he kept the opposition on the defensive. >> and those debates, it's very clear they were different because he had multiple challengers, but those debates clearly prepared him. >> yes, they did. >> and you can see that president obama was rusty. >> he wasn't ready for that. but we'll see how he does in the next one. two more to come. >> there's more. >> thanks, gloria. a romney campaign is certainly re-energized. we're taking a closer look at how he's capitalizing today on a strong
for myself. all the materials are available online, including this powerpoint presentation. what i like to do is turn to my colleague about a discussion about what all this means and where are we today, two weeks out from november 6. let me start with both of you. the latino vote, we talked about it being an impactful vote. both campaigns have been engaging to reach latinos, particularly in targeted states. let's talk first about florida. that is one state that has been pivotal in the last three presidential election cycles and the hispanic vote has made the difference. how are things looking with regards to the senate? >> they are looking a little bit different than they were four years ago. before we start talking about florida, you said that we had to hispanics running for u.s. senate. we cannot forget [inaudible] that makes us free. for florida, florida has become more diverse within the hispanic community. we have seen an increasing number of colombiacolombians become citizens and we have seen venezuelans become very active, puerto ricans are still very important. we have americans are s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)